Mundanity By Jonathan Carreau        
Meet the author
Jonathan Carreau

Frank Terrazzano and Paul Lonardo

Dear Reader,

Journalist Lauren Terrazzano wrote about the inequities and injustices people faced in society. Then at age 36 she was given a death sentence with a diagnosis of lung cancer. This book, co-written by her father, recounts Lauren's extraordinary life and passion for the downtrodden.

Anna Quindlen said of Lauren: "As she had from the beginning of her career, Lauren not only mined her own experiences but connected powerfully with readers."

This is a father's tender story of his daughter's toughest assignment of all. With him, I hope you'll learn to admire Lauren as so many of her loyal Newsday fans have before.

I'm giving away five signed books along with a copy of Lauren's complete LIFE, WITH CANCER columns. Write me for a chance to win:

Best wishes,
Paul Lonardo