Mundanity By Jonathan Carreau        
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Jonathan Carreau

Nancy Rue

Dear Reader,

Just when you think Allison Chamberlain has it all under control — a series of UNEXPECTED DISMOUNTS threatens to take down everything she's sacrificed for. Even if you haven't read The Reluctant Prophet (the first book in the trilogy), I think you'll get caught up in Allison's St. Augustine journey with the recovering prostitutes at Sacrament House, an outrageous 12-year-old mulatto boy, and an unlikely group of fellow travelers, all from the back of her Harley.

Because I appreciate you, I'm giving away 10 books (not a mere 5, mind you!) as well as a miniature of Allison's Heritage Softail classic, suitable as a key chain or a stocking stuffer for your fave kid. Just write me at and tell me you have liked my page on Facebook ( or follow me on twitter @nancynrue.

Nancy Rue