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Mark Nepo

Dear Reader,

I've always been drawn to stories and to the history of story itself. I've found that stories help me find my way back to my life. My newest, AS FAR AS THE HEART CAN SEE, is a collection of stories that I've encountered and told for many years in my life as a teacher. Each has helped me live and so I wanted to put them all together. The thing about telling and listening to a story is that we discover each other, often unexpectedly. Ultimately stories bear witness to our love and suffering and reaffirm that we're not alone. I hope the stories here contribute in some way to your hearing and knowing your own story.

many blessings,

Author of bestselling Oprah pick, The Book of Awakening

p.s. I recommend this book for discussions at book clubs or family dinners. Please write: to receive one of five copies I'm giving away free.

...Nepo's work as a poet shines through in his writing. –Booklist

Nepo's tone is intelligently lyrical, with the rich conciseness of Haiku –New Age Retailer