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Carla Neggers

Dear Reader,

When I hike in the woods around my home in Vermont, story ideas tend to pop into my mind.

That's how I found the inspiration for my February romantic suspense novel, KISS THE MOON, a 1999 title that MIRA Books is reissuing in time for Valentine's reading—and gifting.

KISS THE MOON, Penelope Chestnut discovers the wreckage of a small plane while hiking in the frigid woods of New Hampshire. A pilot herself, Penelope detects clues to a conspiracy in a rusted-out plane that disappeared 45 years earlier.

Rumors of her discovery bring unwanted reporters and Wyatt Sinclair to town. He is determined to learn what happened to his legendary uncle, who disappeared with his adventuress lover years earlier. As Wyatt and Penelope investigate, attraction between them grows, but an enemy emerges who will do anything to keep the secret of the crash hidden.

". . . tantalizing mysteries explode into a thrilling climax." Publishers Weekly

Carla Neggers