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Kat Meads

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WHEN THE DUST FINALLY SETTLES transports you to Mawatuck County, 1968, for a tale steeped in the passions and tensions surrounding land, loyalty and racial politics in the American South.

Mabel Stallings is determined to make her grandchild love the family farm. Harrison Doxey, a black student in a white majority high school, is determined to enter The Lido, a whites-only dance hall at the beach. And the restless ghost of Clarence Carter is determined to understand where he went wrong as a man who still drew breath.

"WHEN THE DUST FINALLY SETTLES will reward the reader who loves finely crafted sentences and pitch-perfect dialogue in a narrative both beautifully imagined and wildly exotic." —Corey Mesler, author of Following Richard Brautigan

"Kat Meads is to Southern Literature as dynamite to a firecracker. Simply put, you must read Kat Meads." —Jason Sanford, Founding Editor, storySouth

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