The Marriage Auction By Audrey Carlan        
The Marriage Auction
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Audrey Carlan

Douglas MacKinnon

Dear Reader,

As one who often grew up homeless, (we were evicted 34 times by the time I was 17), I have since been asked by many to tell my story and outline some of the lessons which worked for me.

My story, ROLLING PENNIES IN THE DARK opens with the words, "It really does hurt to get stabbed." From there it falls into chronological order and recounts my first exposure to the cruelties of poverty at about three years of age. Other anecdotes include how at six I crashed a school bus to tend to my traumatized baby sister; at nine I fired a gun at intruders in self-defense; and later how my mom emptied her .45 pistol into our bedroom while my sister, brother, and I were laying on a filthy mattress on the floor. Later, I outline getting shot at as a young teen and other attempts on my life.

As an adult, my story continues with me becoming a writer in the White House and shedding tears with Ronald Reagan, as well as my interactions with Bill Clinton, John F. Kennedy, Jr., and George W. Bush.

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