Mundanity By Jonathan Carreau        
Meet the author
Jonathan Carreau

Pat Love, Ed. D. and Jon Carlson, Psy.D., Ed.D.

Dear Reader,

Even though we'd been colleagues for twenty-five years, the day we walked into the Dalai Lama's living room and sat down for a private audience we had no idea the two of us shared a secret wish that this experience would provide the way out loneliness. Neither of us knew of the other's struggle with emptiness, isolation and a life unfulfilled. With deep gratitude we can report to you that since that time, the burden has lifted and the path away from loneliness is clear. We are delighted to present this path to you in our book which holds the promise that you need NEVER BE LONELY AGAIN.

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With best wishes and blessings,
Pat Love and Jon Carlson