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Loree Lough

Dear Reader,

Motivated by a need to do something to honor the heroes who sacrificed in NY, DC, and PA, I began working on the First Responders series—novels that feature first responders and the haunting echoes that day imprinted on their hearts. Please visit my web site ( and follow the links to learn more about the hard-working groups that help first responders and our brave soldiers, and Loree Lough Author (Facebook): To win a cool prize (or several!), add your name to the Discussions area!


"Loree Lough proves once again her superb storytelling skills in FROM ASHES TO HONOR, a peek into the life of one of a first responder to the infamous 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center and his journey through the ashes. The story will leave you pleading for more." (Cathy Bryant, author of the award-winning Texas Roads and A Path Less Traveled)

"Lough's masterful tale draws the reader in by grit of pure emotion and compelling storytelling. Highly recommended!" (Sandra D. Bricker, Always the Baker, Never the Bride)

Wishing you and yours the best,