Cherry Lane By Kristin Proby        
Cherry Lane
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Kristin Proby

Bryan Litfin

Dear Reader,

In my fiction debut with the Chiveis Trilogy, a nuclear war has emptied the planet, and war and disease have destroyed civilization as we know it. Now, four hundred years in the future, society has climbed back to a chivalrous, epic, medieval lifestyle—but all memory of Christianity has been lost. Against this backdrop, Teofil, a handsome army captain, and Anastasia, a beautiful farm girl, have discovered an Old Testament in an abandoned cathedral. But evil is rising. In THE GIFT Teo and Ana are exiled from their alpine homeland of Chiveis. As they journey through the Italian landscape of the future, battling treacherous villains and deadly assassins opposed to the Christian faith, they long to recover the lost New Testament of the one true God—and learn the identity of the mysterious figure called Iesus Christus.

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