Mundanity By Jonathan Carreau        
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Jonathan Carreau

James J. Kaufman

Dear Reader,

My debut novel, THE COLLECTIBLES, tells the story of one man who recognizes the value of others and does his part to help. My idea in writing THE COLLECTIBLES was to put into words what has been in my mind, heart, and hopefully my deeds throughout my life.

An orphan from the unspoiled Adirondack mountains, Joe Hart leaves his humble beginnings and distinguishes himself, first as a submarine commander, then as an attorney unequaled in his field. But Joe's world crashes with an unexpected tragedy.

A child of wealth and privilege, Preston Wilson fears financial failure, which is fast becoming a reality. Joe agrees to help only after extracting an unconventional promise: Preston must care for Joe's "collectibles," several people facing challenges and needing help. Can Preston fulfill the pledge? Does he have a choice?

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