Bond of Passion By Larissa Ione        
Larissa Ione
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Bond of Passion

Gail L. Jenner

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Colicky horses, trucks high-centered in pastures, late nights spent in barns birthing calves — the trials and tribulations of farm and ranch life are as central to its experience as amber waves of grain and Sunday dinners at the ranch house. ANKLE HIGH AND KNEE DEEP collects together essays about lessons learned by ranch women, cowgirls, and farmers about what they've learned while standing in or stepping out of "mud, manure, and other offal" in their day to day lives on the land. This collection of entertaining and inspirational voices offers unique perspectives on relationships, loss, love, marriage, and parenting and other universal issues. These are contemporary accounts of women struggling to keep a lifestyle intact, recollections of childhoods spent in open spaces, and tales of overcoming obstacles — inspirational reading for city dwellers and country folk, alike.

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