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Emilia Hart

Cate Holahan

Dear Reader,

LIES SHE TOLD is the story of a novelist whose art imitates her life. Or, is it the other way around?

Protagonist Liza Cole has an idea to put her back on the bestseller list: a revenge tale about Beth, a postpartum mom that unwittingly discovers her husband's extramarital affair and, ultimately, murders the mistress.

Liza doesn't see herself in her combative main character. Her problems stem from an inability to get pregnant, despite extensive fertility treatments, and the disappearance of her husband's business partner, which has put the survival of his law firm at risk.

But, as Liza writes chapter after chapter, the lines between reality and fiction blur. She begins to wonder whether Beth might be revealing dangerous truths about her own life and the people closest to her — secrets that others might kill to keep hidden.

Before her deadline is up, she must answer that ultimate question: where did she get the idea for her latest murder mystery? Her life depends on it.

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Hope you enjoy the book.

Cate Holahan