Bond of Passion By Larissa Ione        
Larissa Ione
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Bond of Passion

Senator Bob Graham

Dear Reader,

The genesis of my first novel, an international thriller entitled KEYS TO THE KINGDOM, was based on 15 years of my deep personal involvement with American intelligence, which gave me unique insights into the complex world of international conflict and the extreme challenges of identifying and confronting a shadowy enemy before he strikes. But I felt critical questions remained.

A retired senator, John Billington, writes an Op-Ed for the New York Times posing those same questions, and ten days later he is killed in a suspicious hit-and-run. It is left to his former aide, Tony Ramos, now a State Department intelligence officer, to put together the pieces Billington uncovered. The harrowing, high-stakes puzzle takes him around the world and into the company of three strong women: a sexy forensic accountant, a narcissistic celebrity photographer, and a hard-charging investigative reporter.

Will they discover the "KEYS TO THE KINGDOM" before Osama bin Laden's grand plan wreaks nuclear havoc?

I hope you enjoy the ride!
Senator Bob Graham