Bond of Passion By Larissa Ione        
Larissa Ione
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Bond of Passion

John and Linda Friel

Dear Reader,

Power untempered with grace is just being a bully. Grace not balanced by power is just being a victim. When you put the two together, you become a competent, loving, effective human being.

America suffers from an epidemic of incivility, pseudo-self-esteem, narcissism, entitlement, and victim-perpetrator cycles of behavior that run from the halls of Congress to our own back yards. We are some of the unhappiest, meanest, and unhealthiest people on earth. But we don't have to be.

Patience, Self-Restraint, Knowledge, and Care are what can heal us.

"You know you are becoming a competent adult when you can choose the pain and discomfort of loneliness, fear, hurt, or shame rather than hurt yourself, hurt others, or let others hurt you."

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John & Linda Friel