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Larissa Ione
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Bond of Passion

Deanna Fei

Dear Reader,

My debut novel, A THREAD OF SKY, is the story of Irene Shen, a scientist and mother of three who suddenly finds herself widowed and alone. Longing to reconnect, Irene reunites her grown daughters, her distant sister, and her formidable mother for a tour of China, their ancestral home. As these six women explore China's magnificent landmarks and mysterious alleys, gradually unearthing family secrets, they also rediscover something they seem to have forgotten amid their fast-paced, independent lives in America: "Jia—family, house, home. In Chinese, it was all one word."

Email me via my website,, or at to tell me about a memorable family reunion of your own and how it changed your definition of family. Five winners will receive a free, personalized copy of A THREAD OF SKY, and I'll post a selection of your stories. I hope you'll also check out reviews and excerpts of A THREAD OF SKY, read about the family trip that inspired this novel, view photos of my travels through China—and just say hello.

Thank you for reading!

* "One of those rare novels that delivers on the promise of its opening pages... No smart woman should leave on vacation without it." –The Chicago Tribune

* "Timeless and of the moment." –New York Times Book Review

* Featured in Ms., Marie Claire, and More magazines