Keeping You By Aurora Rose Reynolds        
Keeping You
Meet the author
Aurora Rose Reynolds

Laurie Alice Eakes

Dear Reader,

Have you ever needed to forgive yourself?

Tabitha Eckles doesn't realize that the aching loneliness she masks with her work as a midwife stems from guilt deep in her heart. Then, as she returns from a disastrous lying-in one misty morning, she encounters a stranger on the beach.

Dominick Cherrett, debonair, well-educated, and English, has no business wandering about beaches from which young men have been disappearing lately. What tragedy could possibly have brought him to America as an indentured servant in 1809? And is it a coincidence that her former fiancé returns home this same night?

Tabitha intends to find out. In her quest, she plunges into danger and learns about friendship, love, and forgiving oneself.

As you read LADY IN THE MIST, I hope you are not only entertained, but gain better understanding of God's power to leave our past mistakes in the past.

Laurie Alice Eakes