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Jonathan Carreau

Sarah McCraw Crow

Dear Reader,

It's late 1970, and three people — Virginia Desmarais, her 13-year-old daughter Rebecca, and college student Sam Waxman — are struggling to come to terms with the death of Oliver Desmarais, a professor at the all-male Clarendon College. At the heart of the story is Virginia, who finds friendship with Clarendon's four women faculty, helping them bring the women's movement to their traditional campus.

THE WRONG KIND OF WOMAN is a story of grief and loss, but also friendship and love, in a time of social change. Publishers Weekly called it "entrancing;" Bookreporter called it "a strong, strident message delivered in a valentine of a book that is easy to read and enjoy, but with enough gentle grit and determination to keep you thinking about Virginia and the Gang of Four long after the last page is read."

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Sarah McCraw Crow