Mundanity By Jonathan Carreau        
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Jonathan Carreau

Billy Coffey

Dear Reader,

Larry was the first friend I ever had. He was tall enough to reach whatever kickballs I got lodged in the big pine in the backyard (though he never did). Thin enough to squeeze through the crack at the bottom of my bedroom door. Shiny enough to keep me safe in the dark. And invisible enough that only I could see him.

Much like Leah's invisible friend The Rainbow Man in my newest novel, WHEN MOCKINGBIRDS SING. The only difference? Leah's invisible friend may be real. And if he is, the small town of Mattingly, Virginia, will face a disaster that may not only end lives, but hope and faith as well. Find out what happens when one shy little girl peels back the thin veil hanging between this world and the next, revealing the magic of belief.

I'm giving away five copies of WHEN MOCKINGBIRDS SING. Write for a chance to win!

Billy Coffey