Bond of Passion By Larissa Ione        
Larissa Ione
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Bond of Passion

Laura Childs

Dear Reader,

Tea maven Theodosia Browning dashes down Charleston's famed Gateway Walk as wind and driving rain overtake her. This normally picturesque ramble of hedges and statuary has become a twisted, foggy labyrinth that leads to a moss-shrouded cemetery. There, Theodosia encounters two struggling figures and realizes she's witness to a brutal murder. In the throes of alerting police, Theodosia recognizes the victim — the daughter of a dear friend. And even though this appears to be the work of a serial killer, she launches her own shadow investigation, discovers multiple suspects, and stumbles upon a second dead body.

I wrote this spooky cozy with plot, pacing, and action reminiscent of a thriller — then sprinkled in tea lore and recipes to make this Tea Shop Mystery highly entertaining.

All my best
Laura Childs