Mundanity By Jonathan Carreau        
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Jonathan Carreau

Cara Brookins

Dear Reader,

My four kids and I live in a house we built with our own hands. But since my real jobs have been as a computer programmer and an author, you'd probably never guess we became a construction crew. We built our house because we needed a place to live after leaving a terrible domestic violence situation. And we built it because we needed a big impossible project to rebuild our family. Of course we knew it would be difficult, but we never imagined that mixing mortar in a wheelbarrow and mixing our past trauma with future dreams would knock us even lower before it lifted us up.

What does it look like when four kids and a mom build a 3500 square foot house? Read RISE: HOW A HOUSE BUILT A FAMILY. Write to for a chance to win one of five copies! 

Cara Brookins