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Jonathan Carreau

Kristin Billerbeck

Dear Reader,

New Orleans, Louisiana is the birthplace of jazz and as such, the birthplace of jazz standards such as The Man I Love. It is also the setting of my new novel, A BILLION REASONS WHY which celebrates the music and romantic era of the 1940s. Katie McKenna is a special education teacher in California when her first love, Billionaire Luc DeForges, invites her back home to Louisiana for the wedding of his brother. Katie is about to be engaged – to someone else – and the invitation comes at a most inconvenient time. Or does it?

Katie must ultimately decide what love means to her. Is it safe and secure or is it slightly more dangerous than that? Katie must relive her past and grieve her mistakes to find out what God's plan is for her future.

I hope you enjoy spending time with Katie's Irish heritage and my love letter to the classic romance of the 40s era. Put on a little Harry Connick, Jr., light a fire or even just a candle and curl up with Katie, Dexter and Luc.

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Kristin Billerbeck