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Dear Librarians,

Do you have to forgive someone a lifetime of sins, just because they have Alzheimer's?

This is a question Liz Donaldson has been wrestling with ever since her mother, Ruby, was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. Ruby doesn't much care if Liz forgives her or not. She just needs her older daughter to sober up and come home. Take her place as the new head of the Donaldson family on Ward's Island so her youger sister, Grace, can live out her life in the one place in the world where she feels safe.

Told in three first-person viewpoints, ISLAND GIRL is an honest look at the effects of this devastating illness on the patient and their families. The book doesn't shy away from tough questions, hard choices and complicated family dynamics when illness strikes close to home.

"Simmons exhibits an exquisitely deft understanding of the extraordinary difficulties that unite a family, and her portrayals of the three women, told in alternating first-person chapters, enable satisfying connections with each." Publisher's Weekly

"Simmons wields her pen with grace and aplomb. . . a carefully drawn story mixed with island history of the best sort." A Worn Path

"...a page turner that will both satisfy and enchant its readers." Winnipeg Free Press

"You have got to read this book!" Patricia Grace, Aging With Grace, Blogspot Radio

"This is a very powerful book." The Dr. Pat Show, Voice America

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Lynda Simmons
Island Girl / Lynda Simmons / Berkley / Paperback; 448 Pages

Price: $15.00 / ISBN: 978-0425237243 / Published: December, 2010
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