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These Things Happen
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Sandra Parshall

Dear Librarians,

Veterinarian Rachel Goddard cannot stand by while animals suffer — and she feels equally driven to act if she believes a child is mistreated. In UNDER THE DOG STAR, she makes enemies when she scrambles to save feral dogs wrongly blamed for killing a prominent doctor, and at the same time becomes entangled in the sad lives of the doctor's adopted children.

This fast-paced mystery, praised by Kirkus Reviews for "spine-chilling tension from cover to cover," is also a story about the meaning of family, the power of compassion, and the duty we have to the animals that share our lives.

Award-winning author Deborah Crombie says:
"[A] tense and compelling entry in one of my favorite series... Believable, sympathetic protagonists; a beautifully evoked setting; a haunting crime — UNDER THE DOG STAR is one of the un-put-down-able reads of the year."

Best wishes,
Sandra Parshall
Under the Dog Star / Sandra Parshall / Poisoned Pen Press / Paperback; 250 Pages
Price: $14.95 / ISBN: 978-1590588802 / Published: September, 2011
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