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A Shadow in the Ember
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Jennifer Armentrout
Twice a Daughter
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Julie Ryan McGue

Laurelin Paige

Dear Librarians,

I wrote SLASH in the middle of a global pandemic. Every day the news was full of death and heartbreak. Like many authors, I struggled with finding the motivation to sit down and write through the chaos.

Then Camilla spoke to me. Her noisy thoughts and deep wounds mirrored my environment. She became the personification of the sadness and anxiety around me and she helped me tell the story I most needed to write in the moment. When the world felt fragile and broken and unsure, I needed to believe that fragile and broken and unsure was still beautiful. I found that reassurance in the writing of this book. I hope you find it in the reading.

Slash / Laurelin Paige / Evil Eye Concepts / Paperback

Price: $9.99 / ISBN: 978-1951812133 / Published: August, 2020
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