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These Things Happen
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Kat Meads

Dear Librarians,

Set in the 1968 American South, WHEN THE DUST FINALLY SETTLES is a novel steeped in the passions and tensions of land squabbles, family loyalties, and racial politics.

Mabel Stallings is determined to make her grandchild love the family farm. Harrison Doxey, a black student in a white majority high school, is determined to enter The Lido, a whites-only dance hall at the beach. And the restless ghost of Clarence Carter is determined to understand where he went wrong, alive and well.

"When anyone asks if Southern Literature has a future in our internet, iPhone, jet-lagged, speed-of-light world, I point them to Kat Meads. Simply put, you must read Kat Meads."—Jason Sanford, Founding Editor, storySouth

"WHEN THE DUST FINALLY SETTLES will reward the reader who loves finely crafted sentences and pitch-perfect dialogue in a narrative both beautifully imagined and wildly exotic." —Corey Mesler, author of Following Richard Brautigan

"A refreshingly different Southern story."—Dr. Margaret D. Bauer, Rives Chair of Southern Literature, East Carolina University

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Kat Meads
when the dust finally settles / Kat Meads / Ravenna Press / Paperback; 165 Pages
Price: $12.95 / ISBN: 978-0983598213 / Published: January, 2011
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