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Emilia Hart

Sanjay K. Jain

Dear Librarians,

This is truly a 360 degree look at well being. I had to leave out a lot of information simply because I didn't want this to become an encyclopedia. I chose the areas which seemed most relevant for today. Although some topics may seem well known, I couldn't assume everyone already knew them. However, I can guarantee that there are other topics in the book that you will find new and refreshing. In fact, there is a enough information to create 5-6 separate books with even more detail. There is a definite need out there for a single guide to sum it all up and provide a great overview. Enjoy!

Sanjay K. Jain

"Libraries would do well to purchase OPTIMAL LIVING 360" —Library Journal
Optimal Living 360 / Sanjay K. Jain / Greenleaf Book Group / Hardcover

Price: $19.95 / ISBN: 978-1608325832 / Published: February, 2014
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