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A Shadow in the Ember
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Twice a Daughter
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Heather Graham

Dear Librarians,

I'm back in a city I adore with this tale of murder, mayhem, love, and the paranormal.

Casey Nicholson majored in psychology in college but, unhappy with the jobs offered to her, she and some friends open a shop in the French Quarter where she can use her understanding of people to read tea leaves and tarot cards. But she's not a medium and she's quick to tell people as much. However, while visiting an old private cemetery, she is stunned when a ghost appears to her begging for help. The departed woman has a child and she's desperate to ensure the safety of her daughter and her sister — both of whom appear to be on the murderer's hit list. But trying to do the right thing brings Casey to odds with the furious and striking Special Agent Ryder McKinley of the Krewe of Hunters — and secures her place on a murder list that has already claimed more lives than even suspected.

I hope you enjoy!

The Dead Heat of Summer / Heather Graham / 1001 Dark Nights Press / Paperback

Price: $9.99 / ISBN: 978-1951812195 / Published: September, 2020
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