Visions of Flesh and Blood By Jennifer L. Armentrout & Rayvn Salvador        
Visions of Flesh and Blood
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Jennifer L. Armentrout & Rayvn Salvador

Geoffrey M. Cooper

Dear Librarians,

Do you think of medical researchers as sincere, hard-working, dedicated? Some are. But not all.

When Pam Weller discovers a drug against Alzheimer's, her rival sees the coveted Nobel Prize slipping away. His all-consuming ambition drives him to concoct a plot that threatens Pam's career, her freedom, and even her life.

THE PRIZE is an award-winning medical thriller in the tradition of Robin Cook and Michael Crichton. I hope you enjoy it!

Geoffrey M. Cooper
The Prize / Geoffrey M. Cooper / BookBaby / Paperback
Price: $12.99 / ISBN: 978-1543912173 / Published: January, 2018
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