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About Us

"M.J. Rose is nothing short of a marketing genius. Her ability to pinpoint and target a book's ideal audience is uncanny." —#1 NYT bestseller, Sara Gruen, Water for Elephants, and At The Water's Edge
AuthorBuzz is the premier marketing and promotion service that lets authors make a personal connection with the people who buy, sell, read, and recommend their books. Created by New York Times bestselling author M.J. Rose in 2005, AuthorBuzz is the culmination of her 15-year advertising career and her career as a novelist. Today AuthorBuzz offers everyone from independent writers to major publishers the opportunity to connect their books with the right audience.

"I so appreciate everything you guys did. Impressed! And grateful. I think of the money I spent [and] yours was by far the most efficient." —#1 NYT bestseller, Ridley Pearson

Who We Are

M.J. Rose - Founder
M.J. Rose is the founder of created in 2005. It is the first marketing service for authors (though publishers use us too) created by an author and advertising expert. Rose is also the NYT bestselling author of more than 20 novels and three nonfiction books on marketing. In addition, Rose is the co-founder of and - which, combined, have sold more than 4 million books.

Natalie White - Director of Client Services /Advertising Director
Natalie White has over 12 years of experience in all facets of advertising at Simon & Schuster. Since 2009 Natalie was the Director of Advertising where she planned and bought advertising campaigns for hundreds of authors including bestsellers Stephen King, Mary Higgins Clark, Jennifer Weiner, Jodi Picoult, and Vince Flynn. At AuthorBuzz Natalie will be planning, and executing advertising and promotional campaigns for all our divisions.

"My debut novel came out the gates with a bang and AuthorBuzz was a big contributor to its success. They helped me connect with readers and ultimately stand out in a crowded marketplace. Debut and future books, I'll use AuthorBuzz for all of them. A must for any writer." —Michelle Gable, A Paris Apartment

The Buzz about AuthorBuzz

"I highly recommend AuthorBuzz. My sales skyrocketed from practically nothing during the month of my campaign. M.J. was extraordinary, answering every question promptly and making changes when I had concerns." -Charlotte Whitney

"No one can buy a book they they don't know exists, and that's where AuthorBuzz shines — beautifully, economically, and as strategically as possible getting the word out to readers about my new releases! -NYT Bestseller, Julie Kenner

"I'm so glad I signed on. I wanted more people to know about Vincent and Theo and it really worked. Sales more than doubled for the month of December. Thank you so much, for your help!" -Deborah Heiligman, author of Vincent and Theo: The Van Gogh Brothers

"I've used AuthorBuzz on more than one occasion and they've always been so easy to work with. MJ and her team really know their stuff and their expertise can help corner the ad market which enables me to concentrate on what I do best: writing. One of my last releases, Before I Ever Met You, made USA Today twice in a row and I know Authorbuzz was a big help in getting that book in front of reader's eyes." -NYT bestseller, Karina Halle

"Authorbuzz is a huge way to increase book sales. Major authors swear by it, for a reason. M.J. Rose can sell more books than the entire sales departments of some publishers." -Mike Bond, bestselling author of Assassins and The Last Savanna

"No one can buy a book they don’t know exists — Authorbuzz takes care of that problem brilliantly, spreading the word with top-notch expertise, integrity and artistry. Engaging them is my first step in preparing to launch a book." -National Bestseller Randy Susan Meyers

"Many thanks to the good people at Bookmovement for making my first on-line 'chat' such a great experience! I was concerned I wouldn't be able to type fast enough (or think fast enough) but everything came off without a hitch thanks to the terrific support. Pauline's questions and those from readers in book clubs were thought-provoking and interesting. The time flew by. In the end, it all seemed seamless. Wow. Thank you!" -Elizabeth Crook, author of Monday, Monday

"BookMovement is a wonderful resource to help authors and readers connect. Pauline and Christine coordinated and moderated a flawless live book club chat. Its value for THE GOOD GIRL was immense!" -Bestselling author Mary Kubica

"You guys make my book look so good, I'll buy it." -Natasha Mosert, International Bestseller

"My debut novel came out the gates with a bang and AuthorBuzz was a big contributor to its success. They helped me connect with readers and ultimately stand out in a crowded marketplace. Debut and future books, I'll use AuthorBuzz for all of them. A must for any writer." -Michelle Gable, A Paris Apartment

"Bookmovement is the premiere place for authors to connect with readers in an engaging and fun way. I did a chat where I myself learned a lot about my own book from all the intelligent observations my readers shared with me!" -NYT bestseller, Holly Peterson

"Kudos to the maestros at BookMovement for orchestrating such an engaging event." Read full article -New York Times Bestseller, Jamie Ford, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

"BookMovement was one of the highlights in media promotion for my book, The Outcasts. The format is well organized and easy to use, allowing many readers and book clubs to engage in a real-time discussion. I will definitely use BookMovement again for my next book." -NYT Bestseller, Kathleen Kent

" is our go-to site when we want to connect our books and authors with book clubs." –Miriam Parker, Former Online Marketing Director, Little, Brown and Company

"Bookmovement and Authorbuzz have been incredibly helpful, professional, and knowledgeable in connecting a debut author like myself with so many new readers. I loved hearing from readers through Shelf Awareness and Bookmovement's author chat, which was so much fun and a wonderful way to connect!" -Yangsze Choo, author of The Ghost Bride

"The promotion on and the subsequent momentum from the book club membership was instrumental in getting Sarah's Key back onto the best seller list." -Kim Ludlam, Assoc Dir of Creative Services, SMP

"What's an author to do when she needs marketing excellence to promote her book? Turn to AuthorBuzz. M. J. Rose provided top-notch marketing services to get the word out about my debut novel, including a broad-reaching advertising campaign with amazing results. I highly recommend this rare gem to all authors across all genres." -Jessica Maria Tuccelli, author of Glow

"I found AuthorBuzz to be highly professional and very helpful. They produced a quality product in what they sent out and how they represented me on their site to readers. I plan on using them again for my next release." -C.J. Ellisson USA Today & New York Times bestselling author

"It's always a thrill to make the NYT list and I know that Author Buzz helps like crazy!" -Laura Childs, New York Times bestselling author

"Authorbuzz puts you in direct contact with the most valuable folks of all — readers — which MJ Rose knows well because she’s a writer, herself. I maintained email conversations with many people who responded to her contests, and though they didn’t win, went on to buy the book because of the personal contact. I always hear authors asking where to find the readers online. And MJ Rose knows." -Nichole Bernier, bestselling author of The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D.

"Authorbuzz proved to be a terrific resource for promoting my debut novel. I highly recommend it to authors of all genres." -Jessica Keener, national bestselling author of Night Swim

"In marketing The Whip, by Karen Kondazian, we had a great experience and result using and their team. We were able to access a variety of book outlets, readers, and writers that eventually were led to respond and communicate with Karen's team directly. Not only did we have a large amount of potential fans respond, we were able to direct them to our social media and selling sites, personally." -The Whip Marketing and Social Media Team

"There is no better way to put word of your new book into the hands of great readers - booksellers, librarians, and fans - than to use AuthorBuzz" -NYT Bestselling Author Linda Fairstein

"M.J. Rose is an author's best friend. provides that vital link between writer and reader." -Tatjana Soli, author of New York Times bestseller, The Lotus Eaters.

"AuthorBuzz is one of the best new marketing tools around for the publishing novelist. My latest book, The Hunt Club, has reached a larger audience than any of its predecessors, and I can't help but believe that a lot of it has to do with AuthorBuzz. MJ Rose is one smart cookie, and a joy to work with." -Bestselling Author John Lescroart

"My first use of AuthorBuzz. My first appearance on the New York Times Bestseller list. You do the math! Seriously, AuthorBuzz furnishes the best bang for the buck in my entire promotional arsenal. And M.J. Rose has her finger squarely on the pulse of a rapidly shifting market. My next title goes straight to AuthorBuzz!" -NYT Bestselling Author Julia Spencer-Fleming

"MJ Rose knows what's best for authors because she's one herself. She's savvy, connected, and a master at creating a marketing splash. I've worked with her to get attention for both of my books and plan to continue as her client for many more. Her integrity and enthusiasm also make her a pleasure to work with." -Sarah Pekkanen, Author of Skipping a Beat

" provides artistry (striking and lovely ads) and wisdom (knowing where on the vast web my book could best be showcased.) Readers can't buy books they don't know exist. With Authorbuzz, readers know where and why to find my novel. M.J. Rose does a spectacular job marrying her knowledge of literature with her advertising experience." -Randy Susan Meyers

"AuthorBuzz helped launch my career right from the start and has become an indispensable partner for helping me reach readers. I simply cannot recommend it highly enough. In a world of rapidly shifting priorities, AuthorBuzz gives every author the chance to create a solid, measurable marketing plan that yields results." -C.W. Gortner, bestselling author of Mademoiselle Chanel

Having participated in a number of promotional efforts for my novel Bloodstone, with mixed results, I wasn't sure what to expect from AuthorBuzz. The response I received blew me away—on the morning the note went out, a hundred emails from readers and librarians all over the country flooded my email inbox. It is clear to me that AuthorBuzz has become an eagerly anticipated event for many people. In fact, it doesn't seem to be perceived as a marketing vehicle at all, but a service to readers. I can't recommend it highly enough. AuthorBuzz works!" -Nate Kenyon, author of Bloodstone

"The Mississippi Delta mystery series has always had a loyal and devoted following, but it wasn't until I let AuthorBuzz announce my latest book, Bones to Pick, that I found my sales increasing and my book listed in the top ten of the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association list. Thanks, AuthorBuzz!" -Carolyn Haines, The Mississippi Delta Series

"As an Australian author, I found it difficult to get publicity in the US for my first novel, despite it being a bestseller in other countries. AuthorBuzz was the perfect opportunity to let readers, librarians and booksellers know about Malicious Intent. In each buzz I could say who would enjoy the book, why I was qualified to write it, and what reviewers raved about. Within hours of the readerbuzz appearing, I had received hundreds of emails asking to be entered for a signed copy, and numerous others from booksellers and bookclub members telling me they can't wait to read it. Even more had visited my website. Traffic to the site is still surging! MJ Rose is not only a genius, but an absolute joy to work with. I won't hesitate to use AuthorBuzz again." -Kathryn Fox, Malicious Intent

"My website has gone through the roof, insanely busy over the AuthorBuzz promo for River's Edge. I'm getting about 300 emails a day! I am just amazed at the amount of traffic!" -Marie Bostwick, River's Edge

"The week my book appeared on AuthorBuzz I received over 190 emails from AuthorBuzz readers. They are buying the book, posting 5-star reviews on, and getting their public libraries to buy copies. This is a great service!" -Thomas J. Craughwell, Saints Behaving Badly

What Readers are saying about AuthorBuzz

"I really enjoy AuthorBuzz! It is easy, clear and concise. Author's book cover, picture and a nice synopsis of the story to leave me wanting more! I also like having the opportunity to email the authors and, perhaps, win copies of the books and receive bookmarks. Bookmarks, by the way are second only to books themselves for me!" -Tavia

"I appreciate Author Buzz, as through that venue, I have won free signed books. Most recently, I got a signed copy of Tasha Alexander's latest, Death on the Floating City, and I'm looking forward to reading it." -Jane F.

"I won a copy of Daleen's book even though my name was not picked as one of the AuthorBuzz winners. She liked what I had said in my note and sent me a book anyway. She has asked me to respond with a review when I read it. She may also if come to my book club at some point." -Pat C.

"I was fortunate enough to win a copy of Iris Anthony's book The Ruins of Lace. Iris mailed an autographed copy of the book to me along with a personal note and bookmark. Since this well researched historical novel takes place in the Flanders area of France she also sent a small box of Truffles. They were delicious and I kindly shared them with my husband. Her book is interesting and I plan to share it with my book group when it is my turn to choose a book. I did send a thank you email to her and am now sending this one to you also." -Pat S.

"Every week I check out AuthorBuzz to see if any of the books interest me. I have found several. The one that really piqued my interest was Protector by Laurel Dewey, so decided to enter her contest and lo and behold I won a signed copy! Just finished reading it and it was all that I imagined it to be. Thank you for offering us AuthorBuzz." -Loretta B

"I look forward to the AuthorBuzz selections each week. I think I've found at least 1 author each time that I've really enjoyed! Thanks for including it!!" -Julie H

"Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I like AuthorBuzz. Great feature for the bookclub members." -Ann B

"I think AuthorBuzz is really a neat idea. I looked at the GayleLynd site and found some cool "spy stuff" to motivate some kids who are reading a spy book. Keep up the good work." -Librarian from the Battle Creek Library

"Well, since you offered! I love Authorbuzz dearly. I have found so many books that way - probably as many as from the daily excerpts. Thanks for all that you do. All the best," -Margaret

"I not only checked out AuthorBuzz today, but I'm adding most of the featured books to my 'To Read' list! I'm so excited to have so many new authors to add to my bedside stack of books.... Thank you for what you do." -Lisa B

"I love AuthorBuzz. Its such a great way to find out about new books. I get newsletters from several online booksellers but they often have so many titles that they are overwhelming. With just a few books to look at each week I have time to take a closer look. I don't find an author I am interested in every week but I certainly have found many that have piqued my interest to read their books, visit their websites and enter their contests." -Carrie

"I always look at author buzz and often follow the links. I have found some great books (some for free!) that my book group read and loved." -Becky H

"As always, the book club is a joy, lifeline and invaluable resource for me. I have found countless books and authors to love and appreciate over the years because of the club." -Chris; Little Rock, Arkansas

" I just finished checking out this week's books featured in AuthorBuzz. They all look very interesting. I really enjoy reading about the featured books every week. I think I've been reading AuthorBuzz for about two years now. Thanks!" -Mindy Lichtenwalner

"I absolutely love the new format of AuthorBuzz. Removal of all the other articles and 'newspaper'" format makes it sooo much easier. My teenage daughter and I love to read and often share books so I'm always on the lookout for new books and authors. Thanks for suggesting to take a look!" -Nanci H

"I always check out Author Buzz, I have chatted with some great authors and received a book or 2 and some book marks. I love the kidsbuzz too, I've purchased some good books for my granddaughter and god children thru there." -Pat G

"I always check out Author Buzz. It is fascinating to read about the author's motivation to write. This week I finally sent emails to 2 authors." -Carol S

"I always look forward to Mondays because not only does Dear Reader start new reads that day (I read Fiction, Mystery, and PrePub clubs) but also that's the day for AuthorBuzz. I keep a notebook of book ideas, many of them taken from Dear Reader and Author Buzz. I have bought and requested from my library many of the books I've learned about from the book clubs and Author Buzz. This week I have added 'Healer' and 'In Leah's Wake' to my notebook. Thanks so much for all the great reading ideas I've gotten from your emails." -Sincerely, Anne K

"I love AuthorBuzz! You have introduced me to several new authors that I now enjoy, which is great since several of my favorite authors don't write new books fast enough!" -Diana N

"I look forward to Authorbuzz. What a good way to discover new authors (or experienced ones with new works)! Thank you Suzanne for making this possible." -Kathi W

"I visited your site Author's Buzz and was amazed at the wide variety of books/authors featured. I'm one of those people who enthusiastically piles up more books than I have time to read but it is comforting to know that there is always a stack of books to choose from when I have some precious free time. So when I am home and have time to read I now will have even more great choices because of Authors Buzz!" -Pam N

"Hi, I checked out the Author Buzz—love having direct access to the authors via their websites. Thanks!" -Linda F

"I think Author Buzz is a little like wandering a small bookstore without having to drive there." -Thanks, Janet D

"I am a regular follower of AuthorBuzz but have to say that this week every single book sounded interesting. Wow. Quite a bunch. I would love to read any of them. Thanks." -Marian

"I love the AuthorBuzz site. It's so interesting to read about the different books, & have the opportunity to contact the writers directly. Thanks for all you do to promote reading," -Phoenix V

"I don't just look at AuthorBuzz each week, I look at it faithfully! It's been a terrific way to learn about authors and their books, and I've found some great reads (and free books!) there. Thanks for being such a great reading friend," -Barbara T

"I look at Authorbuzz each week, I really enjoy reading about the new books and learning about the new authors. Thanks for having it on your web site. Thanks again." -Peggy T

"Thank you for introducing Authorbuzz as a way of exposing us to authors that we might otherwise not hear of. I have been checking it out for the last few months and have been very fortunate to win a copy of a book that has been very good. After receiving the book I realized that it would be perfect for my book club to read and we are currently in enjoying it. What a wonderful opportunity to "taste" different authors. Thank you," -Elaine S

"he AuthorBuzz link is one of my favorite things about! I faithfully browse the link every week. This week was no exception, and I sent emails to Melissa Foster, Amy Hatvany and Terri Giuliano Long. They've all answered already. Happy reading," -Tessa

"I love AuthorBuzz and Emailbookclub. I work in a library and often search your collection for the weekly books." -Rachel D

"I want to thank you for the author buzz each week. I cannot tell you how many new authors you have introduced me to (in addition to the weekly reads). I can't thank you enough!" -Leslie B

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