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Blog Ads Plus

Blog ads Plus campaigns reach your niche markets via well read blogs and sites we choose for you. We've created ads for top publishers and bestselling authors, reaching from 400,000 to 25 million readers. We also do HolidayBuzz (Thanksgiving to Christmas) and SummerBuzz Reading specials.

Blog Ads Plus Details

Campaigns start at $1500 and go up in increments of $500. Generally — depending on your audience — we reach a minimum of half a million people a week. We often reach several million people.

With your input, we create the ads for you, link to your website as well as online booksellers and report click through numbers at the end of the campaign if requested.

Please write to us from our contact page to discuss. Unlimited availability.

BlogAd Samples

Who Gets Your Buzz: (Pro & Readers) reaches:
  • Over 3000 booksellers
  • 5000 librarians
  • 1000s of bloggers and other industry pros
  • Over 300,000 readers reaches:
  • Over 470,000 readers
  • 10,000 librarians reaches:
  • More than 40,000 bookclubs representing over 400,000 readers.
Publisher's Lunch via reaches:
  • More than 45,000 industry professionals including thousands of literary and film agents reaches:
  • More than 85,000 Kindle Owners
For ad campaigns - blogs and sites specific to your book - lists on request.

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