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Beau & Bett
Meet the author
Kathryn Berla
(Ages 12+)
Every Shiny Thing
Meet the author
Cordelia Jensen & Laurie Morrison
(Ages 14+)

Kathryn Berla

Dear Reader,

It's never easy to do a retelling of a beloved fairytale, especially Beauty And The Beast which is so precious to so many people, including myself. When I wrote BEAU & BETT, my goal was to reveal how the tale of Beauty And The Beast transcends fantasy. The true beauty of Beauty And The Beast is its lessons about compassion, understanding, and kindness.

To prepare for my retelling, I read and reread different versions of the original French fairy tales which were written in the 18th century. I watched the extraordinary 1946 film version going beyond Disney's portrayal to try and capture its timeless message. Then I set my story in modern-day Central California on an avocado ranch — as close to a fairytale setting as I could imagine in real life.

I hope that BEAU & BETT further proves that Beauty And The Beast is a tale for all ages in all times. Email me at to enter to win a free copy.

Thank you for reading! 
Kathryn Berla

"Humor and drama effectively bounce off each other in Beau's believable narration. An entertaining YA romance with multilayered characters — a winner." —Kirkus Reviews

"An engaging read.... Berla pulls off a fairy-tale adaptation that stands on its own without magic, even managing to keep the dire condition of the "beast" that ultimately helps this beauty see his own heart. VERDICT Purchase where fairy-tale retellings are popular." —School Library Journal
Beau & Bett / Kathryn Berla / Amberjack Publishing

Price: $12.99 / ISBN: 978-1948705448 / Published: June, 2019

Ages 13+ / YA