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Polly Holyoke
(Ages 8-12)

Jenny Kay Dupuis

Dear Librarians,

HEART BERRY BLING is a story about Maggie, who makes her first-ever beading project – a pair of strawberry earrings - while visiting her granny and finds it more difficult than she expected. She discovers from her granny’s teachings that beading is a journey that sews together memories and life lessons, including perseverance and persistence. 

Heart Berry Bling aims to help children understand how difficult changes can be in life and how we can cope with them. 

Jenny Kay Dupuis

"We have so much learning to do about Native life and history....Quite magnificent...Highly recommended.” — Debbie Reese, American Indians in Children’s Literature

"Touches on the emotional aspects of beading as well as a few technical skills! All this weaved into a visit between a girl and her grandmother, with a sprinkling of Canadian history, women's rights, and the importance of perseverance. Great for a read aloud for older students to introduce some of the unfair treatments [of] Indigenous Peoples in North America.” — Mary Hazel, Classroom Content Curator, Follett Learning

"Heart Berry Bling teaches Indigenous realities and culture while warming the human heart.” — Kelly Anne Smith, Anishinabek News
Heart Berry Bling / Jenny Kay Dupuis / HighWater Press

Price: $24.95 / ISBN: 978-1774920558 / Published: May, 2023

Ages 6-8 / HC picture book
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