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A Shadow in the Ember
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Jennifer Armentrout
Twice a Daughter
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Julie Ryan McGue

Pam Webber

Dear Librarians,

What stories do you read over and over? For me, it's the ones that call when I need them the most, like lifelong friends who intuitively know I'm troubled. These meaningful books capture the resilience of the human spirit to endure, survive, and live a life of hope. Most importantly, they remind us we can too. MOON WATER is such a story. As a stand-alone sequel to The Wiregrass, it promises to stay with you long after the cover is closed.

Pam Webber
Moon Water / Pam Webber / She Writes Press / Paperback

Price: $16.95 / ISBN: 978-1631526756 / Published: August, 2019
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