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Dear Librarians,

The 1911 Triangle Waist Company fire continues to fascinate and horrify us even over a century later. The "Uprising of the 20,000" garment workers' strike of 1909 is less remembered but the two stories are inextricably linked: the strike's lack of success contributed to the conditions that caused the fire.

FIERY GIRLS, the only novel encompassing both the strike and the fire, explores these events and their effects on two young immigrants: Rosie, a shy young Russian Jew who hopes to somehow become one of the passionate 'fiery girls' of her union, and Maria, who is supposed to return home to Italy with her earnings but instead plans to bring the boy she loves to join her in America.

FIERY GIRLS is carefully researched and historically accurate, and it's also an entertaining and inspiring read. I hope you'll consider it for your collection.

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Take care, and happy reading!
Heather Wardell
Fiery Girls / Heather Wardell / Heather Wardell / Paperback
Price: $18.95 / ISBN: 978-1988016092 / Published: March, 2021
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