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Shiloh Walker

Dear Librarians,

IF YOU SEE HER, is the second book in my Ash Trilogy, takes up where IF YOU HEAR HER, left off.

Hope Carson doesn't see herself as a survivor but that's exactly what she is. She survived a hellish marriage and is struggling to build a life of her own. It's all turned upside down by a brutal murder, a brutal attack...and Remy Jennings.

The last thing Remy is looking for is any kind of complication. Hope is that...and more. She's everything he wants, everything he can't have...and he knows it would have been best if she had just driven straight through Ash without stopping. It's too late now...leaving's no longer an option. Her past, and his present, are about to catch up with them in a very bad way... Check out IF YOU SEE HER and the next book IF YOU KNOW HER, both due out this winter!

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Shiloh Walker
If You See Her / Shiloh Walker / Ballantine Books / Paperback; 400 Pages
Price: $7.99 / ISBN: 978-0345517548 / Published: January, 2012
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