Visions of Flesh and Blood By Jennifer L. Armentrout & Rayvn Salvador        
Visions of Flesh and Blood
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Jennifer L. Armentrout & Rayvn Salvador

Marie Sutro

Dear Librarians,

The much anticipated follow-up to my bestselling and award winning debut, is finally here! In DARK OBSESSIONS, Detective Kate Barnes' search for personal peace is derailed by a gruesome murder in the woods. The victim is only the first. In the darkest corners of Washington state, Kate will confront an adversary so ruthless and powerful that she may not survive to help the remaining girls.

"An especially gripping, well-researched tale from a formidable talent." —Kirkus Reviews

Marie Sutro
Dark Obsessions / Marie Sutro / Pismo Press / Paperback
Price: $17.00 / ISBN: 978-1735748818 / Published: April, 2022
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