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Dear Librarians,

How I love you people! I've been a library lurker since my stroller days and am deeply indebted to the many librarians who nurtured in me a love of books. I now take my children to our local library and watch their eyes grow big as we find all sorts of treasures there. (We also DONATE treasure in the form of late fines, but please don't judge me.)

OPERATION BONNET is a novel that weaves together humor, love and a fresh take on the Amish, but be forewarned: This isn't your typical Amish fiction. Nellie Monroe is a handful and should not be trusted near a bonnet. But goodness, was it fun writing about her private investigating disaster, her surprising romance, and her struggle to hold on to a grandmother who is slipping away.

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Kimberly Stuart
Operation Bonnet / Kimberly Stuart / David C. Cook / Paperback; 272 Pages
Price: $14.99 / ISBN: 978-0781448918 / Published: February, 2011
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