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Barbara Sontheimer

Dear Librarians,

Most Civil War historical romances are told from the south's point of view and end when the couple wed. VICTOR'S BLESSING deals with the 12 year marriage of a half Osage Indian blacksmith and a shy beauty, their life abundant with children and blessings. Through his mechanical mind Victor becomes an inventor and the reader is taken on a journey from quaint Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, to the patent halls of Washington DC. Wealth, children, and love make Victor and Celena two of the most blessed residents of the town. But blessings, like life itself, can be fleeting. When the Civil War breaks out Victor is forced to make hard choices... And keep one promise.

Barbara Sontheimer
Victor's Blessing / Barbara Sontheimer / Atmosphere Press / Paperback

Price: $19.99 / ISBN: 978-1639885893 / Published: November, 2022
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