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Tatjana Soli

Dear Librarians,

I'm always interested in writing the book I would like to read but can't find. THE REMOVES is the female-centered western that I've been craving. Set in the 1860's, it is the story of two strong women who must struggle to survive during the brutal period of westward expansion.

In a starred review, Booklist called it "Epic... enthralling." A bookseller, Tammy Glenn-Allen of IndiCo, wrote "Mesmerizing! Addictive! Unputdownable! From start of finish nothing less than spectacular." Jen at Darien Library predicts it will be a breakout book.

The Removes / Tatjana Soli / Sarah Crichton Books / Hardcover
Price: $27.00 / ISBN: 978-0374249311 / Published: June, 2018
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