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These Things Happen
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Frank P. Slaughter

Dear Librarians,

You're going to love Will Castor, main character in ECHOES OF DISTANT THUNDER. This fast paced story lets us peek behind the curtain of time and shows us the Civil War and its aftermath in stunning detail through the eyes of a twenty year old farm boy turned artillery soldier. A compelling story set against the backdrop of historical events – war, tragedy, romance and redemption, it's all there.

"Frank P. Slaughter has written a beautiful novel about a man looking for peace in a chaotic world — almost 150 years ago. This is pure joy to read; from the opening sentence and a campfire in Chickamauga, to the final scene overlooking northern lakes in 1970's Michigan, Slaughter writes with a historian's assured eye and an artist's imaginative sweep. He brings Civil War veteran Will Castor and his true love, Emma, truly alive." -Doug Stanton, Author of New York Times best seller In Harm's Way and Horse Soldiers

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All the best,
Frank Slaughter
Echoes of Distant Thunder / Frank P. Slaughter / Arbutus Press / Paperback; 279 Pages
Price: $18.95 / ISBN: 978-1933926360 / Published: June, 2011
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