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Jonathan F. Putnam

Dear Librarians,

Imagine being the best friend of Abraham Lincoln long before he became the most famous man in U.S. history. As a trial lawyer, I've always been fascinated with rough justice on the untamed American frontier. Then I discovered the adventures of the young Lincoln and his real-life roommate, a well-born Southerner named Joshua Speed. In my Lincoln & Speed Mystery series, the two men, joined by Speed's spirited younger sister, team up to solve mysteries from Lincoln's legal cases. In FINAL RESTING PLACE, Lincoln's itinerant, impoverished past comes racing back to haunt him.

Kirkus Reviews says, "A small-town lawyer who will later become legendary unravels a complex murder plot to save the reputation and life of an old friend.... Putnam's third period mystery is gracefully written, nicely balancing sleuthing with courtroom drama." And Suspense Magazine says, "Putnam has done a great job of bringing the famous man alive ... in this truly cool series."

Jonathan F. Putnam
Final Resting Place / Jonathan F. Putnam / Crooked Lane Books / Hardcover
Price: $26.99 / ISBN: 978-1683315988 / Published: July, 2018
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