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Frank Peretti

Dear Librarians,

ILLUSION is a love story and sci-fi mystery about a couple who have been married forty years, are separated by tragedy, and must overcome obstacles of time, space, and human evil to find each other and rediscover the love they always had. It's an emotionally stirring story. I believe you'll find yourself entertained, intrigued, and turning pages as fast you can!

"Frank Peretti is a master storyteller. His novels stay with you a lifetime..." — Karen Kingsbury, New York Times bestselling author

"Frank Peretti kicked open the doors that all of us Christian novelists are passing through today. We owe him a huge debt." —Jerry B. Jenkins, author, The Left Behind Series

Thank you for your interest and enjoy my latest novel!

Frank Peretti
Illusion / Frank Peretti / Howard Books / Hardcover; 512 pages
Price: $26.99 / ISBN: 978-1439192672 / Published: March, 2012
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