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Visions of Flesh and Blood
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Gregg Olsen

Dear Librarians,

Let me be a little personal here. When I was young the libraries and librarians were my refuge. Today, I proudly serve on the board of directors of our regional library foundation.

Now about the book: JUST TRY TO STOP ME is the fifth in the Waterman and Stark series of thrillers set in my home state of Washington. As in the others, this book brings together forensic pathologist Birdy Waterman, a Makah Indian, and Kendall Stark, a wife and mother of a special needs child. These two have a deep bond for each other and are completely in sync when it comes to stopping evil. In this case, they are after Brenda Nevins, a serial killer who has escaped prison and is hell bent on revenge.

Too bad for Brenda! Kendall and Brenda are going to stop at nothing to bring her to justice — no matter how high the stakes. On the surface it might seem that this is a thriller about a dark crime, but it's more than that. It's about the power of two women, working together, supporting each other and never giving up.

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Gregg Olsen
Just Try To Stop Me / Gregg Olsen / Pinnacle / Paperback
Price: $9.99 / ISBN: 978-0786029983 / Published: November, 2016
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