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These Things Happen
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D.J. Niko

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Sarah Weston, a Cambridge archaeologist and British aristocrat with a maverick edge, uncovers a tomb—and a secret—in an ancient Ethiopian kingdom. As she tries to unravel the mystery, she finds herself in the midst of a high-stakes, deadly conflict. Hunted by a faceless enemy, she delves deep into Coptic mysticism to decipher the message of an enigmatic prophet. When she realizes his apocalyptic prophecies are unfolding in the present day, she faces a personal conflict pitting science against faith and destiny against free will. How much will she sacrifice to convince the world that hailed scientific advances may bring about the ultimate catastrophe? Can she alter the course of a history that has yet to be written?

Combining elements of historical fiction and action/adventure with nuances of spiritual mysticism, THE TENTH SAINT (Book One in The Sarah Weston Chronicles) takes readers from the highlands of Ethiopia to the Arabian desert to European capitals on a journey one critic calls "an adventure you will not soon forget."

D.J. Niko
The Tenth Saint / D.J. Niko / Medallion Press / Paperback; 464 Pages
Price: $14.95 / ISBN: 978-1605422459 / Published: January, 2012
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