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Dear Librarians,

A paranormal conference at the most haunted hotel in the Appalachian Mountains...a man's promise to his late wife...and a mysterious force that has been waiting to be awoken...SPEED DATING WITH THE DEAD was inspired by my experience hosting a real paranormal conference in the remote Blue Ridge Mountains. I hope you'll follow my ghost hunters as they explore secrets best left forgotten. Learn about the real inn that inspired the novel at Haunted Computer.

"Always surprises and always entertains."–Jonathan Maberry, Rot & Ruin

"Like Stephen King, he knows how to summon serious scares."–Bentley Little, The Burning

I'm giving away five copies of my story collection Thank You for the Flowers, so please email me at to enter or share your ghostly encounters.

Scott Nicholson
Speed Dating with the Dead / Scott Nicholson / CreateSpace / Paperback; 346 Pages
Price: $11.95 / ISBN: 978-1453813850 / Published: September, 2010
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