These Things Happen By Michael Eon        
These Things Happen
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Michael Eon

Randy Susan Meyers

Dear Librarians,

Two estranged sisters find that forgiveness never goes out of style when they inherit their mother's vintage jackets, purses... and pearls of wisdom

Gabrielle and Lulu have only two things in common: mounds of debt and coils of unresolved enmity toward Bette, their controlling and imperious recently deceased mother.

At the reading of the will they hope to hear about a sizable inheritance and then again turn their backs on each other but, to their shock, what they have been left is their mother's secret closet jammed with high-end current and vintage designer clothes and accessories— most from Chanel.

The sisters can't help but wonder if Lauren Weisberger had it wrong: because it seems, in fact, that the devil wore Chanel. But as they being to explore their mother's collection, meet and fall in love with her group of wonderful friends, and magically find inspiring messages tucked away in her treasures — it seems as though their mother is advising Lulu and Gabrielle from the beyond — helping them rediscover themselves and restore their relationship with each other.

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M.J. & Randy

"A fabulous story that dives into the complicated relationships of family, and offers a stylish escape. Simply captivating!" —NYT bestseller, Jennifer Probst

"There is grace and redemption in this celebration of sisterhood. Anything is possible in New York City, including forgiveness but it is the enduring love of family that you will savor when you reach the end of this beautiful novel." —Adriana Trigiani, NYT bestselling author of Tony's Wife

The Fashion Orphans / Randy Susan Meyers & M.J. Rose / Blue Box Press / Paperback

Price: $15.99 / ISBN: 978-1952457708 / Published: February, 2022
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