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Lexi Blake

Lois & Ross Melbourne

Dear Librarians,

Dr. Keira Stetson has 2 passions: ethical AI and creating tech that helps children. She and her AI assistant, Elly, embed Keira's trademark Moral Operating System into billionaire Roy Brandt's SmartDust to rein in its power. But Brandt's tech has been kept secret for a reason. Keira and Elly must fight to use this newfound tech for good and keep it out of the wrong hands...before it's too late.

100% of proceeds generated through the sales of MORAL CODE will be donated to help fight the child abuse and human trafficking of kids. We start with these donations to and And we're giving away FIVE free copies of Moral Code to lucky readers! Click here to enter!

Lois and Ross Melbourne
Moral Code / Lois & Ross Melbourne / Nonlinear Publishing / Paperback
Price: $16.99 / ISBN: 978-0997679205 / Published: September, 2022
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