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Every Time We Say Goodbye
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Natalie Jenner
Happily Ever Maybe
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Carrie Ann Ryan

Kristina Mathews

Dear Librarians,

Carson and Cody Swift are twin brothers who could not be more different. Carson is desperate to break free of his brother's shadow, and a mysterious woman the two save from Hidden Creek may just be his shot at doing so. Lily is desperate to have a baby despite her infertility but sees the Swift Brothers as a window who may be able to solve her problem. While Carson helps Lily overcome her fear of the river she helps him revitalize his failing rafting business and keeps him focused on his true goals. As the two fall in love, they begin to find themselves.

Kristina Mathews
Swept Away / Kristina Mathews / Lyrical Shine / Paperback
Price: $15.00 / ISBN: 978-1601839251 / Published: July, 2016
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