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Adam Mansbach

Dear Librarians,

I wrote THE DEAD RUN because I'm a fan of exciting, unpredictable, well-plotted stories with mythological underpinnings; I dig books driven by voice and character; and I love novels fueled by prose that's beautiful, muscular, and rhythmic. The thing is, you don't usually get all that in a single book and I don't see any reason you shouldn't. I've always enjoyed exploring new parameters, figuring out the rules and how to innovate within that structure — hell, I wrote Go the Fuck to Sleep to see if I could tell a story in an ABCB rhyme scheme.

The United States/Mexican border has always fascinated me, as a kind of liminal space in American life, where everything blurs and sharpens at the same time. I knew I wanted to set this supernatural thriller there, in this place where worlds collide.

Adam Mansbach
The Dead Run / Adam Mansbach / Harper Voyager / Hardcover
Price: $25.99 / ISBN: 978-0062199652 / Published: September, 2013
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