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Michael David Lukas

Dear Librarians,

THE ORACLE OF STAMBOUL is a magical historical novel about a gifted young Jewish girl who becomes an advisor to the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and changes the course of history. Inspired by Charles Dickens, Roald Dahl, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, it is the story of a eight-year old orphan finding her way through an exotic, evocative, and sometimes treacherous city at the heart of a crumbling empire.

"A lyrical debut...A passionate novel that beautifully conveys the flavor of Turkish culture." —Kirkus Reviews

"A stunning instant classic that feels as if it should be retroactively slipped into the great libraries of the old world." —Reif Larsen, author of THE SELECTED WORKS OF T.S. SPIVET

All the Best,
Michael David Lukas
The Oracle of Stamboul / Michael David Lukas / Harper / Hardcover; 304 Pages
Price: $24.99 / ISBN: 978-0062012098 / Published: February, 2011
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